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HomeTown CD



Released in June, 2000, "Home Town" reveals a further development of the two hand tapping and percussive style along with several compositions for the twelve string guitar.  The eerily haunting "Visions" features the use of an E-Bow on the Acoustic Guitar.


Click on the song titles to hear MP3 soundclips.

Train to Trinidaddio -- This song was written to commemorate Trinidad's first annual Trinidaddio Blues Festival.


Hide-N-Seek -- You're never too old to play hide and seek or even sardines, all you need are some special friends.


Tap Dance -- Using a double tapping technique, this song feels a little Latinish to me.


Annie's Angel -- How can we explain what that was or what just happened?  I believe that Annie has an angel.


Chicken Chase -- "Cujo the Rooster" made his playtime terrorizing me down at the barnyard.


Ride the Wind -- Imagining myself in a hot air balloon riding with the wind.


Francisco Street -- A street in La Veta, Colorado covered with memories of friends and fun.


Topsy Turvy -- Too much fun on a carnival ride.


Snowbound – Colorado’s Blizzard of "97


Always -- For my Mom and all those who are there when I need them.


Wazubi --(Wazubi's Blue Cup) a cozy little coffee house in downtown Trinidad, but the question remains, Who? or What is a Wazubi ??


Truth Seeker  -- For those searching for their path in life.


High Wire -- A nice lady at one of my concerts named this song.  Thanks for the help.


Rush Hour -- The chaos of that rush hour traffic.


Plato's Playground -- A  study of philosophy? in the style of Leo Kottke.


Shine On --A remarkable man whose friends just call him Shine.


Lullaby -- A short piece written for my children, Jeff and Kali.


Green Flash -- Ask anyone at Key West about the green flash at sunset.


Visions (this is a very large MP3 file) -- This song takes me away to a special place.  Close your eyes, where does it take you?



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