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Through the Wood CD



Through the Wood album cover

I am struck by the wonders of wood

and humbled by such beauty.

Trees on the hillside,

dead where they stand with glorious dignity and stature,

reaching still to the blue sky above.


How they once swayed with the wind,

thirsted in times of drought, withstood a bolt of lightening and trembled with blazing fire.

Yet they still stand

branching arms embracing an untold truth.


Life as we know it no longer runs through their roots and branches.

Gray and brittle as they now stand,

a greater life lives in these trees that we call dead.

A life so grand it's inconceivable to our feeble minds.

Yet it is there, I know it, I feel it, I am in awe with it.


tree root w heart shadowWatching as time races by.

Each tree holding it's own story

How many the pages would be to read just one day of a tree.


The Watchers, the Record Keepers,

the Standing Ones.

Lessons we can learn

if only to be still as a tree.


Oh the Wonders of Wood




      McCollum Megan

      Taylor 512C Custom

      Custom Baritone Conversion of Taylor 615 by Keith Gipson


Pickup systems:

        Pick-Up the World  -- LaVeta, Colorado




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