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Jaquie began playing the guitar at the age of 14. With inspiration from Leo Kottke, Michael Hedges, Preston Reed and others, Jaquie has developed a style of her own.

She has performed for a wide variety of audiences in Colorado, Kansas, New Mexico, Texas and California. From music festivals, community events and concerts to music videos. An experienced instructor, Jaquie has taught guitar at Trinidad State Junior College since 1981 and conducts hands on workshops in music stores and college campuses. Her music is being heard on National Public Radio along with local cable television. In 2000 she was awarded Entertainer of the year by the local Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. Jaquie performed on the Main Stage at the 2002 Winter NAMM Show and on the Taylor Guitars Stage at the same show. She has also been endorsed by Pick-Up the World, manufacturer of guitar and instrument pickups. Jaquie has been the opening act for the Trinidaddio Blues Festival since its inception in 1999.

In May of 1997, Jaquie released her first CD entitled "Just Guitar", a collection of 15 original instrumental compositions. Her second CD "HomeTown" was released in 2000. This album includes arrangements for cello and hand percussion on several tracks. The music and Jaquie’s unique style continually grow as she stretches the boundaries of the guitar, constantly searching for something fresh and new. January 2004 saw the release of "Images" Jaquie’s third CD comprised of 16 new original songs.

Her songs range from more or less traditional acoustic fingerstyle to modern rhythmic double tapping. A style in which both hands are positioned on the neck of the guitar and the strings are played as though they were the keys on a piano, combined with percussive rhythms drummed out on various parts of the guitar body. For those who have not seen her perform, it is difficult to imagine. Truly "seeing is believing." Jaquie’s singular style of music and her homespun sense of humor combine to make her performances enjoyable and memorable events.



"Jaquie Gipson takes a guitar in hand and she becomes a one-woman band! She has to be a prolific writer in order to showcase her incredible playing style. Three recordings, and a tour schedule that has luthiers vying for her to ‘show off’ what their guitars can do, she truly has changed the way people experience the guitar. However, her concerts are not heady and musically snobbish! She creates a musical place where all are welcome, but jaws will eventually drop as she commands her instrument. Performing at festivals like the Trinidadio Blues Fest, and music trade events like the NAMM show, the largest music trade show in the world, guarantees her place in women’s music history." Spanish Peaks Alliance for the Arts

"Let me give you a really good tip. The next time Jaquie Gipson performs in your area, run, don’t walk to get a front row seat. If you have not heard her brand of playing, you are in for a special experience. Jaquie does not just play the guitar. She strokes, drums, and double taps the instrument, coaxing beautiful thoughts, ideas, memories and emotions out of that piece of wood." --Black Rose Acoustic Society

"Her hand movement is poetry in motion." --Taylor Guitars

"It is effectively the word grace which immediately comes to my mind when I think about your [Jaquie's] music. There is not one moment in which your [Jaquie's] 2 c.d.’s fall into heaviness or repetition. And, moreover, you succeed in bringing out the power of tapping." --Matthieu Magnon, Touchguitare -- France

"No pretentiousness in that amazing technique. That's what is so beautiful. Her playing is transcending itself not drawing attention to the technique; you focus on the musicality of it all." Vincent Marcopoli

"Jaquie's music captures her own strong emotions and presents them in engrossing original music, inspired by Messrs. Kottke, Hedges, and Preston Reed (and maybe fellow Coloradoan blues lady extraordinaire Mary Flower). The up tempo pieces are played with great energy and flair, and the slower pieces with soul." --El McMeen


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